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Another Tribute to The Doors

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There was another “Doors Tribute” release in 2014, the “neo- psychedelic” release, but this one is called Light My Fire: A Classic Rock Salute to The Doors. I really wish I liked this album more than I do...there is a lot to like. It was put together, engineered, and produced by former Yes guitarist, Billy Sherwood, and he really put together a stellar line-up for this project.

For the most part, they are contemporaries of The Doors careerThe Doors were a short-lived band; Jim Morrison died in ‘71. They only released six studio LPs, all between January ‘67 and April 1971. Other Voices, without Morrison, was released in October '71 but many of the songs were likely to be keystone tracks in their next release, lost forever by Morrison's death. That is a phenomenal amount of music created and pressed within 4 1/2 years. They were a prolific band, and these records are not only consummate recordings of their times but immortal in their originality. And how is the classic rock version of these tunes?

The Cover Madness

Don't misunderstand me; I'm a fan of covers. Virtually everyone does covers of their favourite songsfrom Joe Cocker—who based their entire career on them--to The Beatles who covered Chuck Berry's “Roll Over Beethoven” and started the British Invasion. The Rolling Stones have also covered Chuck Berry (“Let It Rock”) but also blues and soul artists too numerous to list. I love of my personal favourites is Frigid Pink's super-heavy psychedelic cover of The Animal's cover of the old traditional, “House of the Rising Sun.” And how is the classic rock version of The Doors?

As The Doors are fundamentally a blues-rock band, the song that works best for me on this collection is “Roadhouse Blues.” They rock it and blues harmonica virtuoso, Rod Piazza blows his face off behind West's searing slide guitar and Brian Auger's rippling keys. For me, it's the highlight. You may enjoy this album a lot, especially if you are fond of the over-emotive wailing of the big hair metal set. Ironically, in trying to channel the spirit of Jim Morrison's baritone, the performances are almost subdued in comparison to their own work. In the end, listening to this album just made me want to dig out the originals. The Doors. I always keep them close at hand and they always sound fresh.