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Still Life by McCartney

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Imagine you have a bunch of grapes, a couple of apples, peach, pear, half glass of wine, carafe, perhaps a pomegranate, a tablecloth, and light from some angle. You paint it and then a bunch of people look at it and have to admit it is ‘so you.’ Everyone who looks at it says, “Oh, that is definitely a piece by place your name here.” That’s an accomplishment, because, obviously, there are many paintings of those things out there, some meticulously accurate and awful and some just awful. 

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Ry Cooder in 2012 (Political Tunes 1)

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Ry Cooder’s 2012’s Delta Time is quite a contrast to our Then Cooder album, 1979’s Bop Till You Drop.  The two albums are nothing like each other, except for Cooder’s name and participation.  Bop Till You Drop is  purposefully commercial while Delta Time is a real blues album with some of the best acoustic blues to come out in some time.

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Ry Cooder in 2012 (Political Tunes 2)

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We reviewed Ry Cooder’s 1979 Bop Till You Drop recently as the Then-album and found it to be a pretty decent album when given a good chance, but it is the height of the pendulum’s arc in the commercial direction of Cooder’s work.  Election Special may just be the height of the arc in the non-commercial direction.  Add to that the fact that this album was recorded to be a comment on the 2012 American election and it’s difficult to predict what kind of staying power it will have.

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Jeff Lynne's Got It Covered--Absolutely

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Jeff Lynne isn’t really known for his solo work, only putting out two solo albums in his many years as a musician, songwriter, producer. Most people know his sound through Electric Light Orchestra and The Travelling Wilburys.  Whether he is Otis Wilbury or Jeff Lynne, he has a remarkable sound and you can pick him out in any crowd, even one that includes George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jim Keltner, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty—not to mention the great musicians that were ELO.

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