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What About Bon Jovi Now?

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I believe it’s agreed that North American kids need more exercise – right?  It’s good for kids to get out there and throw or kick a ball around or skate around and shoot pucks in the winter – right?  Right.  That’s one of the reasons I hate the easy, unthinking condescension towards “soccer moms” or “hockey moms” and the stereotyping associated with them – you know, the driving of vans and all.  Since when is it a bad thing for a mother to drive her kids to soccer and maybe drive other kids on the team, too?

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Sunken Condos

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Steely Dan, after their first couple albums, resolved into a duo, as all fans of that superb group know.  Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, perfectionists both, henceforth hired the best session players to carry out their wishes and play those amazing charts, and Fagen took over lead vocals (Becker not singing lead on a Steely Dan album until “Slang of Ages” on 2003’s Everything Must Go).   So it’s not really surprising that their solo albums (Becker has two; Fagen just released his fourth) don’t sound a million miles different from their Steely Dan albums. 

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Tom Jones and the Spirit in the Room

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Tom Jones is one of the great booming baritones of an era housed in the handsome burly body of a diminutive Welshman. Actually, Jones’s height has always been a secret sore spot, as rumours have him pegged at somewhere between 5'3” and 5'11,” depending on whether he was in stocking feet or his ubiquitous 60's Beatle boots (though during his country phase he favoured cowboy boots). Jones is a quintessential British star; he has sold over 100 million records in a schizophrenic array of genres. Pop, soul, country, dance music, gospel and on and on...the one thing you could depend on was the great voice and the schmaltzy arrangements.

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Tracey Thorn: It Ain't Christmas

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Tracey Thorn’s Tinsel and Lights: Not Really a Christmas Album

I’m a very open sort of person, not one to judge others by or on their musical taste (although if you confess to being a fan of Nickelback, maybe we can just talk about spoons or rechargeable batteries or something instead of about music).  But, I’m sorry, if you don’t adore Tracey Thorn, I don’t even want to talk to you about spoons.  It is axiomatic (as much as anything can be in our crazy world) that she is one of the very finest pop singers of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.  You may not have made her acquaintance if you are not a fan of jazz-pop or house music, if you have somehow never encountered her great band Everything But The Girl, but you’ve probably heard her.

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