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Lonely Tunes: Roy Harper's Man & Myth

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Roy Harper’s Man & Myth from September 2013 is an anomaly in the business and is in the same class as Dave Mason’s Future’s Past from 2014: both are the best albums released by seasoned artists who have been in the business for around fifty years. Not bad.  Roy Harper has been around the block, for sure.  Busking aside, his shared career began in 1966 with the aptly named—given his dues—Sophisticated Beggar and continues today with 2013’s Man& Myth.

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Meet The New Priest. . . .

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Look, don’t expect me to say anything bad about the mighty Priest – period.  My fondness for them goes all the way back to British Steel (I know, I know, but then I went back and bought the earliest stuff, the stuff that all true fans say is the “real” Priest).

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Top of the 3rd--The Baseball Project

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While most actors would rightfully steer away from reading the phonebook for dramatic effect, Richard Burton did exactly that on The Tonight Show years ago.  Most of us think it worked; Burton managed to make it fairly dramatic, as dramatic as the white pages can probably be. The Baseball Project’s third release, 3rd, begins with the baseball equivalent of the white pages—stats—and it actually works, too.  Just as the phonebook was not Burton’s most compelling performance, “Stats” is not the best song by The Baseball Project on 3rd, though it does prove a point.

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For Those Who Like 80s Music Now

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Kaiser Chiefs may have been cursed with the early success of their first release in 2005, Employment, in that all subsequent releases are judged against that successful debut.  Education, Education, Education & War, released in  March 2014 and the first of their albums not to feature all the original members, may have more than comparison to Employment to hinder its success with listeners.

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