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Lost: The Church of the 1980s

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I recently heard a CBC interview with The Chvrches, but at the forefront of my mind—because of the band’s name—was a band I had not thought of since the 80s and I wondered what they were up to.  The Chvrches are doing well and seem to be getting good recognition, but what about The Church?

The Church is an Australian band that had some amazing albums back in the 80s and I had not thought of them in many years, until overhearing the The Chvrches interview on Q. So it has been a rediscovery and I chose to start where I had left off, the album after the last one I had purchased.  The last album I purchased was Heyday and I liked it but my tastes were going in a different direction.  I remember hearing the Travelling Wilburys and being blown away, though most of the day's hits were spread around the AM spectrum and “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns n' Roses was considered naughty punk.

Which Way to The Church

Well The Church were more about the early 80s than the later portion, though I have recently spent some time with Starfish and find it a very fine album of its time and genre, though with jaw-clenching echo effects and era-defining production.  For those who like Blue Oyster Cult, “Reptile” is a must and many of the others are fine songs of that era.  There is a searching element to their sound, some great guitar, and who knows what they have developed into since Starfish?

We know they are still doing live shows and we will take a look at their most recent album, which may be 2009’s Untitled No. 23, though there are solo albums since then.


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