A Smokin’ Humble Pie

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Smokin’ by Humble Pie used to be in every Chevelle, Camaro, and Mustang (and Road Runner) worth its presence on the street back in the early 70s, for good reason.  This is our Frampton Then-Album—purposefully trying to sidestep Frampton’s greatest work, Frampton Comes Alive!—and it is an amazing album.

The tune “30 Days in the Hole” hit a chord with many fans and it has been blared by felons and felon-wannabes ever since.  There’s no question it’s a good tune, no question it’s a great album. In fact, there are some hidden gems here that could be redone to do well.

Old Time Feelin’

“Old Time Feelin’” could be a hit in any era and actually there are several bands, including the Stones and Led Zeppelin, that could have gotten some good minutes out of that tune.  Foremost among those buried tunes, though, is one that should be revisited by Frampton and any one with that kind of voice: “You’re So Good For me.”  This is the sleeper tune on the album.

The Regular Tunes

The more regular tunes, the ones that were blared from the old muscle cars, are “C’mon Everybody,”  “30 Days in the Hole,”  “I Wonder,” and “Hot ‘n” Nasty”all mainstream brilliant. They sometimes sound like Led Zeppelin would become, though the guitar is clearly Frampton and the late Steve Marriott.




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