Our Then-Album is The Rolling Stones, Now!

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Our Then-album is The Rolling Stones, Now!...from 1965.  So what were The Rolling Stones like then? Well, brilliant.  Twelve brilliant R&B numbers work together to make one of their most consistent and rewarding albums; who’d know it was one of those cobbled together US releases? Lenne Allik and aficionados of the Stones—otherwise all that matters is that this is one of the best albums, from any era, by The Rolling Stones.

Complete With Jones and Stewart

From a time before studio magic and electronic perfection, The Rolling Stones, Now! is a display of musicianship that solidifies the place of The Rolling Stones in music history.  The late Brian Jones is vital and a key aspect of their sound, Wyman and Watts amazing in their roles. Jagger played a number of roles on the album (from harmonica to composer, with vocals in between) and there is Richards with his minimalist guitar clear and expressive, Ian Stewart in his role at the keyboard.

They have, as was often the case back then, many covers on The Rolling Stones, Now!, eight of twelve actually.  The best of the covers is the old Willie Dixon tune, “Little Red Rooster.” This slinky, moody rendering is arguably the best version of this classic tune ever recorded thus far.  After that it’s a close race, led by Don Raye’s “Down the Road a Piece” and Chuck Berry’s “You Can’t Catch Me.”

The Originals

All four original tunes are all classics now and can fit in well in any current concert by The Stones.  They were writing amazing R&B songs at the time and this album has the excellent “Off the Hook,” “Surprise, Surprise,” “What a Shame,” and the immortal “Heart of Stone.” It may be somewhat overlooked when fans scan the shelf holding the many Stones albums, but it is clearly one of their very best.



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