Because The Weekend Is Bow-Huntin’ Time: Ted Nugent’s Weekend Warriors

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In the late seventies, I was becoming more and more fond of heavy rock.  So when I was planning a trip to a record store, I consulted a school friend: what, I asked, is the heaviest music you know?  He recommended Ted Nugent.

So I bought Nugent’s then-new album, 1978’s Weekend Warriors.  I loved it immediately from beginning to end.  And what a beginning it had!  “Need You Bad” remains, all these years later, one of my favourite hard-rock songs.  This is music played (by all the musicians) with gusto, enthusiasm, energy.  And the album hardly lets up, ranging from heavy almost-blues songs (“One Woman”) to heavy almost-pop songs (“Tight Spots”).

And That Guitar Sound . . .

Throughout, of course, is the sound of his Gibson Birdland semi-acoustic guitar.  The sounds Nugent could wring from that thing!  He isn’t as great a guitar player as some (Nugent himself included) think, but he’s damned good; and, most importantly, his playing suits the songs and the songs suit his playing. 

Then And Now

I can’t say I’ve kept up.  I have a few of his other records, and they’re much of a muchness, at least to my ears; but, as is so often the case, the first one is the one that sticks.  I would estimate that I’ve listened to Weekend Warriors monthly (on average, I mean) since I bought it – and, especially considering that I don’t even count myself a true fan of The Nuge, that’s a pretty high compliment.  Check it out.


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