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Secret Lives, But Not on Purpose

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My Secret Life is a nostalgic album by Eric Burdon.  That sounds very like the review of ‘Til Your River Runs Dry, and I’ll make the same excuses for the man in this instance as I did in the other review.  He should be able to be nostalgic without many of us saying too much about it other than “thanks, Eric.”

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Donald Fagen Flies By Night

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It’s an article of faith for me that Steely Dan is simply one of the greatest – what?  Pop/rock/jazz – bands of the modern era.  And (for those of you who put any faith in the Grammy Awards – oh, hi, Steve, Larry, and Mona!) we have confirmation of their greatness in their win for Album of the Year at the 2001 Grammy Awards.  (I was as shocked as any of the youngsters who had never even heard of Steely Dan, even though I thought it was the first album in many years that really deserved that bizarre moniker, “Album of the Year” – it really is a fabulous piece of work.)  And Steely Dan is, of course, Walter Becker and Donald Fagen and the very, very, very best musicians money can buy to help them create their incomparable records.

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Eric Clapton--There's Two in Every Crowd

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or Sorry Eric, There’s Two in Every Crowd

Have you ever watched one of those movies where an actor has enough star-power to become a producer or director? What did you think of the movie? There are exceptions, of course, but mostly we have good reason to question some of the star’s decisions. Sometimes it seems like Clapton has that producer-director power over his albums and the results can be disappointing.  That wasn’t really the case for There’s One in Every Crowd, but he must have been rushed to get a new album out to take advantage of his recent success.  “Yes, Eric” may be a common refrain in such instances. If it’s not his fault, then he should hire someone who can categorize well.

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Everything But the Girl's Temperamental

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Everything But The Girl: Temperamental

I don’t buy music magazines any more. They no longer add much to what I can read online for free, and the ones that contain really interesting articles have become too damn expensive.  However, I do miss the free sampler CDs that come with some of those magazines.  I first heard any number of artists who would later become favourites on such samplers.  The best magazine/CD combo was CMJ New Music Monthly, which sadly ceased publication in 2009.  From its samplers I discovered such artists as The Beautiful South, Mary Lou Lord, and Everything But The Girl.

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