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Tonight’s the Night Naked

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Danny Finkleman of CBC’s Finkleman’s 45s used to rail against the influence of post-1965 Beatles on rock music, among other things—including the blue centre of toothbrushes, designed to tell you when to throw away your toothbrush and buy a new one. But he had a good point about the Beatles.  The first time I heard the Beatles on their rooftop sessions I thought they had screwed up some songs and got others right; it turns out I was hearing Phil Spector as The Beatles and The Beatles as screw-ups.  It was Neil Young who set me straight with Tonight’s the Night and Time Fades Away

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Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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The first time I showed an interest in Mad Dogs and Englishmen my brother-in-law laughed at me.  I was very young and he was fairly young, though old enough to be my brother-in-law and have purchased this Joe Cocker album a couple of years before. So, knowing that I liked the Beatles, he put on “She Came in Through the Bathroom Window”—and I was appalled that anyone could screw up that song so badly.  The music sounded loose and wobbly and Cocker’s voice had something terribly wrong with it, sounding scarred, drunken, confused. I rejected it after forty or so seconds, about fifteen seconds into the song when you account for the introduction.

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Jack Bruce, Seven Moons Will Have to Wait

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There had been a jazz-blues-rock fusion back in the 60s and 70s with people like John Mayall and John McLaughlin creating some pretty strange albums.  You have to count Cream in that group of fusion artists, with Ginger Baker on drums, Eric Clapton on guitar, and Jack Bruce on bass. It isn’t all rock, but it is almost always great musicianship, with fascinating exploration.  For Bruce’s Then-Album, to accompany our review of 2014’s Silver Rails, I had intended to look at his 2009 live-version release of Seven Moons with Robin Trower. For some reason, though, I started rehearing Bruce’s Songs for a Tailor, his first solo release, and I really like it...for the first time.

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Metal Church: A Classic Revisited

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Don’t you love it when you hear a band for the first time and the music just blows you away?  That was my first experience with the American semi-thrash band Metal Church.

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